Thursday, 10 July 2014

News Media..............

Finally, after a long long wait I can now tell you that the DecoArt Media range of paints and mediums is starting to arrive.
Today we received stock of the Interference Acrylics and the Antiquing Creams.
Tomorrow should see a good selection of the Speciality Mediums arriving, it's going to be all go this end for a bit.
If you have not yet seen these paints and mediums go check them out.
You can find lots of information on the DecoArt website HERE
and lots of handy youtube videos HERE
For lots of project ideas, check out Andy Skinners FB HERE

Happy painting...............

1 comment:

massofhair said...

I have a number of these paints and they are awesome! Glad you are getting them in stock as i need more :-)


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