Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gadget Crackers

 I love a good gadget don't you? Lots out there, lots that are a waste of time too!! But this one, I think, is worth its weight. It's the Envelope Punch Board from We Are Memory Keepers. This board takes the hard work out of making an envelope for all those 'odd' shaped cards you seem to end up making. Great for using up odds and ends of backing papers, makes great pockets for card front tags and is soooooo darn simple its untrue. However, I discovered it does not just make envelopes!! You can use it to make boxes too.........all sorts of shapes and sizes..........just put Envelope Punch Board into YouTube and you will see what I mean.
My favourite box at the minute is the cracker, as in Christmas Cracker, I made tons for the Season and then thought, why is a Cracker just for Christmas? So, here is my version, for Easter!!

 This is the board. Simple, comes with its own internally stored score tool and the punch bit also rounds corners. Complete instructions for both imperial and metric sizes of envelope.
So, Easter Crackers, I have some lovely new pastel shades of dotty 12x12 papers from Echo Park, just perfect for Easter, so I chose three colours.
Cut the cardstock to 8 x 6.5"
 Using a standard score board, and with the 6.5" at the top, score at 1.5", 3", 4.5" and 6". Make the creases.
Now, fold the first crease over and place under the punch part of the Envelope Board, with the left hand edge at the 2" mark on the board.

 And punch. Unfold, and fold the next two pieces over and punch. Repeat for the full length of the Cracker making sure you punch one single notch in the last edge.
Turn the Cracker around and repeat for the other side.
Put it back onto the score board, this time long side across the top, and score down at 1.5", 2" and 2.5" then 5.5",6" and 6.5", which is either side of the punch marks and down the centre.
Tricky bit next, you need to make your creases but you need to make two mountain folds and one valley fold each end so.............
from one end and with the right side of the cracker facing down, fold to the furthest crease away from you, then fold back towards you on the next one and finally away from you on the last one.

 Do this both ends, you will then have a springy collapsible bit (technical term that!)
Now, with the cracker flat, apply tape to the skinny end, as close to the outer edge as you can...
and stick your cracker together.....carefully. I do each end then the middle, find that easiest.
Push you springy ends in and they should collapse to form your cracker ends.....I tie mine, gently, with a knot of ribbon. Before closing both ends fill your Cracker. I used yummy Cadbury's Mini Eggs for my Easter ones.............
Then decorate your finished Cracker.............I used butterflies, Martha Stewart Punches, just the best butterflies there are (in stock in the shop).............
I crossed the colours around but you do what works for you.............
a double layer looks nice, gives it a bit of depth..............and Voila!!
 Easter Crackers from an Envelope Board........crazy eh?


Tracey said...

absolutely fab. i need one of those! much better than the one i have that's never used!

Tracey said...

absolutely fab. i need one of those! much better than the one i have that's never used!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Looks fab, is it easy for making envelopes Wendy ?

Beverley said...

I love this gadget, so easy to use. I was taught by the expert - Mr Colin of Stamp Attic. x

Caz said...

Oooh - nice idea for Easter instead of wasting £££ on big Easter eggs that are more packaging than chocolate!

butterfly said...

Cute crackers - definitely sounds a great thing for envelope-making.
Alison x


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