Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Going Potty...

A couple of weeks ago Sue Roddis came down for a couple of days and we always like to do something different and this time we went potty!!
A local ceramic studio does workshops with a difference, not a potters wheel or a bit of bisque in sight. This is strictly hands on do it yourself stuff. After a bit of thought and some advice, we piled in and this is what I ended up with. 
I wanted a rustic, handmade look and with a special tool called a 'keebab stick' I managed to achieve this fabulous frilly edge to my pot.

 The top of the pot got a bit wiggly and started to collapse so I sort of gathered it up, I love the result of that. The shiny bottom of the pot is glass, broken glass is added before it was fired and the melted result looks like water in the bottom, again I love it.
 This pot is similar but this time I added little balls of clay to the outside and then using my new must have tool the 'keebab stick' I poked wee holes it the balls and now it looks like hoola hoops LOL and guess what,  I love it!!!
This is the side of the pot............ before firing we brushed the clay with wood ash which gave the pots this lovely  mottled finish.
I NEED to do this again and soon, it was such fun.


Sue said...

Looking good! Amazing what results you can get with such simple tools like a keebab stick:) Can't wait to see mine in person.

Rita said...

Hi Wendy. I love your pot,I bet it was fun to make too. Hugs Rita xxx

Helen said...

It looks great, and sounds like a lovely day playing!

Carol Q said...

I think they're absolutely lovely Wendy - just asking to be held and touched.

whyducks said...

How lovely!


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