Monday, 19 March 2012

Vintaj Inks etc.

Just arrived and online now............the new Patina Inks for metal from Ranger. I had a little play with these over at CHA and was very impressed. So easy to use too, just a tiny amount on your embossed metal (did I mention metal embossers? - okay them next), it dries as you watch it, yes I know, but its fun watching paint dry on embossed brass blanks, honest it is. Once dry you just give it burnish with the Vintaj Precision Block, and watch the WOW!!!

A choice of five colour combinations, yes, no having to decide what goes with what, its all been sorted. A sealer is available too if you want to give your piece longevity and a little shine (not in stock yet though).
Huge choice of blanks for your embosser (still not seen that? stay with me, its coming). Good quality genuine brass for all sorts of altered work, jewelery and scrapping. You can use alcohol inks on these too.
And last but not least............Embossers!!!
Amazing little folders from Sizzix especially for embossing your brass blanks. Simply pop your blank in, run through your Cuttlebug, Vagabond, Bigshot etc and out it comes with an amazing pattern firmly embossed into it, ready for the Patina Paints.
You can even pick your area to emboss from for smaller pieces. Priced at just £7.99 these are something you will be sure to want to collect.
Here is a piece by Jess Italia Lincoln.............
amazing...............for more ideas and inspiration you can check out the gallery at
In the meantime, have fun.


Helen said...

Ooh, nice... me likey! I am meant to be on a stash ban before Ally Pally. Be strong. Be strong..... lol!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Ordered mine could not resist. Tracy x

Gez said...

Wow! What a gorgeous little book.


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