Sunday, 3 April 2011

Stampotique mermaids

This is just one of three fabulous new mermaid images by DANIEL TORRENTE for STAMPOTIQUE.......they are available for pre-order and will be in the shopVERY soon. This one is called SMUSHALLAUM!

Of course every self respecting mermaid needs an OCTOPET......but I have to say he better watch out, she might just eat him with those sharp teeth!!!!
Sue Roddis


Netty said...

Terrific, so love these images. Never knew The Stamp Attic stocked these, so thats good news for us all. Annette

Wendy said...

Absolutely fantastic, I love it, thanks so much. The new stamps (and more older ones) will be here next week I hope, once customs let me have them!!

Kirsten Alicia said...


olive said...

cant wait for my stamp to land on the doormat...woohoooo... love it. xx

Gez said...

LUSH! card :)


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