Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekend away

Thanks to my ever ready right hand girl Kate, I managed to get a weekend DH and I headed to Somerset and the City of Wells. Wells is the second smallest city in England (after City of London) and is most famous for its wonderful Cathedral. 
This amazing architecture is very old, the cathedral was begun in 1176 and finished around 1490.
The stained glass windows are huge, just awe-inspiring. It was a sunny day and the sunlight streaming through lit up the interior. The cathedral houses one of the most substantial collections of mediaeval stained glass in England.
The steps to the Chapter House are dated 1306 and as you walk up them in the grooves of the steps you wonder just how many have walked those steps before you.
Most of the tombs around the inside of the cathedral are worked in stone but there was one we found, of marble. At first it appeared that there was a detailed pattern worked into the surface and then on closer inspection we discovered it was 'graffiti'. We searched the surface and some of the dates scratched there went back as far as the 1700's...............
This clock, in the north of the building, is an astronomical clock and the mechanism is dated between 1386 and 1392. It was replaced in the 19th century, the original moved to the Science Museum in London.  It is still working today and is the second oldest surviving clock in England.
This is Vicars Close, the oldest purely residential street with all its buildings intact, in Europe. It is a planned street from around the 14th century. Today it is used by the Clergy and the Choristers to the Cathedral. Each building is Grade 1 listed. It is about 140m long and tapers by about 3m. This is so it looked longer from one end than the other.
See.................its true.
Surviving features include this gate...............
and how about this as your front door? These doorways were noticeably low, they were alot shorter in those days.
I could go on with the history lesson, sorry, I had a really good time here, amazing place and so very old.
We went to Glastonbury Abbey too, but I will leave that for another time. Hope you all had a good weekend and got some sun where you were.
PS.......I have a HUGE box of new Tim Holtz Idea-ology arrived says Kate...........guess what I am doing tomorrow?


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time and looks gorgeous. Tracy x

Sarah said...

I'm now kicking myself that we drove all the way down to Wookey Hole for the day a few months ago, and didn't look around Wells. That cathedral and the streets around it look amazing! I must go back...

Susan Allan said...

Hi Wendy
Thanks for the lovely photos. (I love Wells.) It seems that you got lots of sight-seeing done and recorded it on your blog for posterity.

Sue xx

Helen said...

I love Wells, and the cathedral is so beautiful - not visited it for too long! Good luck with your unpacking tomorrow.

Barb Cady said...

Oh I love Wells, your photo's are lovely. Glad you ad such a lovely weekend, makes me want to go!


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