Monday, 21 February 2011

floral trio

What a day it was yesterday, did not stop, poor feet!! Hence no blogging last night, sorry
and again not much on the picture front but here we are getting ready for the doors to open........from left to right, Anne, Angela and of course me! The flowers we have on were made by Anne. In the background you can see the sample boards for the Hero Arts new stamps and some of the new product from Bazzill. Today I got off for my lunch at 3.30pm but at least I did get some lol. I have had quick scout about and seen a few things I will be going off stand to order for the shop tomorrow. Cannot come all this way (okay so it was only 90mins down the motorway) and not buy some nice new stuff now can I?
Saw this little guy today, lost in a sea of buttons.............
Meant to say Hi Sarah too last night, was lovely to see you and Carol........sorry I was soooooo busy.


Helen said...

Hope you snaffle some great things for the shop - and your feet don't ache so much tomorrow, lol.

Sarah Anderson said...

It was great to see you, if only briefly!! Loved Colin's 'Hero' badge, very clever to accidently lose the 'arts' bit ;) And i do wish I could remember the button turtle's name xx

Gez said...

The flowers look FAB. Lovely to hear you had a great time.. can't wait to hear what goodies have been ordered! Hope you are not too sore..xx

Jennie said...

hope you have a good shopping day today :)) was good to see you.. been a year I

Barb Cady said...

Vital you have a long lunch break and shop til you drop! So uplifting, enjoy yourself!x


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