Saturday, 29 January 2011

A day in LA

After some well deserved sleep, and with the CHA Show starting tomorrow, Sue and I spent a leisurly day out and about in LA. First we decided to do a bit of a reccy on our whereabouts so walked from the hotel, across the road and smack into the jewellery quarter
Being a bit of a shiny things fan, we spent a while browsing, but we didn't buy, we were good! for now!!
Next up was lunch, well we spent quite while browsing jewellery. We found a small Mexican place and sat outside in the sunshine with these
or rather this is what was left.................Tostada Salad. A deep fried Tortilla basket filled with a selection of rice, beans, salad greens, guacamole, sour cream, onions, roasted vegetables and was delicious and very filling.
So, after lunch we were very brave. The bus services in most US cities are incredible, cheap and regular and Sue wanted to visit a place called La Brea which was a way out of town..........sooooooo.............we got on a bus! $1.50 for any distance you went............
and off we La Brea
La Brea is an area where, thousands of years ago crude oil, or asphalt seeped up to the surface and pooled, trapping unsuspecting animals which then died and were preserved there. Ice Age specimens in their thousands are being dug up every year, including Mamouths, Saber Tooth Cats, birds, camels (yes camels) and Dire Wolves (see Sue's blog for more info).
They put some of the skeletons back together for displays, this one was amazing, you can see the bird as it was in the background and they skeleton in the front of it..............
Then in the interest of papercrafting we found these..............Sabertoothed scissors (wonder if the will catch on?) and
origami Mamouth..............
that's it, we are off for pizza................more tomorrow from the Show.


Lynn Stevens said...

I went to the La Brea tar pits when I was a child, I still remember how cool it was. To think of all those prehistoric animals still buried, Wow!!!

Brenda Brown said...

I went a couple of years ago, it was the last stop on our way to the airport to come home. Amazing place.
Have fun tomorrow.

Sue said...

Just living it with you both ... enjoy. Can't wait to see more


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