Friday, 21 May 2010

Okay Okay.......

I had to get the software on the laptop and then learn to fly it lol
So, it takes nice close ups, I am very impressed with this as my last camera was always out of focus.
This is my birthday present from my husband - did I mention is was my birthday? Anyway, it was my birthday and he bought me a Troll Bead bracelet. I had been on about one for ages and now I have one!
If you are not au fai with them then basically you have a bracelet, nothing on it, and you buy beads which are all handmade glass with silver linings, and charms which are all silver, and you build your own bracelet. Here you see two regular beads on the left, two one of a kind beads on the left which my DH bought me, the white bead is from my mum and the charm is from my MIL. I love the idea that you can buy colours etc. you like and add to make your own unique bracelet and also that each bead has a story. So, for now, I am hooked. Are you a Troll Bead addict?
I had a lot of lovely cards from friends and family and thought i would share this one with you, from my good friend Jennie at The Stamp Connection.............she is addicted to that bird from the Tim Holtz Alterations Die Caged Bird but have to agree he looks fantastic here, cut in metal................thanks Jennie x
I had the day off and went to meet my son Steve for lunch. He does not get long so I packed a picnic and we went to the park just outside his was lovely in the sun and nice to get time to chat with just him. I have four boys and they can get lost in amongst each other if you are not careful. Here he is trying to work out how to fold up the picnic rug!

Gorgeous but then I am biased lol
Oh and camera was birthday present from DH too, sneaky one that as I knew I was getting the bracelet.


Netty said...

Happy Birthday Wendy. Love the bracelet. Annette x

Jennie said...

I have to say your photo is ten times better than mine.. I NEED your camera, and I have my troll bracelet on me now ( do you remember trolls?? of course you don't, you are much younger than me..heheh) Thanks for showing my card.. not sure it is that good
Have a great weekend
HUgs xx

Tracy Evans said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Wendy. The camera takes fantastic pictures. Lovely bracelet too. I have a pandora one as did not know about the troll ones. They do look lovely. Have a fantastic weekend, hopefully extending your birthday into the weekend, that's what I always do LOL. Tracy Evans x

kjjc said...

Happy birthday Wendy. Doesn't he have a look of you. You must have had a lovely lunch0nothing like spending the day with one of the kids even grown up ones need quality time with mum.I'm glad you esplained the picnic rung-thought he had a kilt on for a mo. Think I should wear my specs for the

Sue said...

Many Many Many Many Happy Returns for yesterday. Love the idea of the picnic in the park and quite understand what you mean about 'losing' the Kids - different reasons for me though at the moment. Off to spend the afternoon with both of mine. Have a great weekend ...

Carol Q said...

I must be dense - hadn't realise it was your birthday on Thurs so belated birthday wishes!!! Your son is gorgeous Wendy!


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