Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Final Fling Weekend

Just checking in with you before I leave for a little trip up north tomorrow to share a final fling weekend with my very best friend Sue Roddis. If you keep watch on her blog you will know she now has a moving date for Kazakhstan, May 15th, so this weekend we are doing it all...........eating out, the movies, ice cream, cake, coffee, crafts, name it and we are going to fit it in if it kills us LOL. We will be visiting the Port Sunlight show on the Wirral on Saturday for some crafty shopping, long time since I have been to that show so looking forward to seeing familiar faces, if you are going Rachel, see you there.
The shop will be in good hands so don't panic and they have a direct line to my mobile just incase.
Oh and when I say final fling, I mean 'just for now fling' as she will be back at Christmas for a visit and I am off over there later in the year too. I am working on Skype in the meantime!

Cloth Paper Scissors is now instore. This issue has a really great article on Art Journaling, Pages in Stages, breaking it down to make it easier to achieve. I also liked the Assemblage 101, again simple instruction.
Somerset Studio May/June issue is now available online. I particularly liked the Make Art Everyday feature in this issue. It's always hard to find time to (in the words of Wendy Vecchi) 'make art' each day but even if all you do is read about it I think that qualifies. If you are anything like me though, you start to read and your fingers get itchy for an ink pad............
So, enjoy a little light reading and when I get back I will share our weekend pictures with you as long as they are printable!


Kerry said...

Hi! Hope you have a wonderful time - full of fun! It won't be long until Christmas - you can count the days with me! Kxx

Wendy said...

Aww thanks Kerry, you have a good weekend in Paris x


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