Saturday, 22 May 2010

Beads at the ready.........

At the risk of driving you all nuts I will only make a quick mention of today's workshop Ruby was wearing her beads and look at these beauties.........I have something to aspire to

and then Barbara admitted she had hers on too

so we swapped stories etc etc...........

Today was Art Journaling 2 workshop with Sarah Anderson. Boy was it hot, but the girls managed to survive and at least the paint dried fast! Here are Barbara, Joanna, Carol and Penny hard at work in the sunshine.
I think we were going for the 'how many supplies can you get on a table' trials today as there was not a square inch that was not covered.
I think the person who got the most excited today was Barbara and here is the page that caused so much glee. The drippy ink technique! Love it Barbara.

I know you should not have favourites but this simple design was amazing. This was done using the PaperArtsy Grunge Flower Die leaf as a mask, Adirondack Colourwash sprays and adding legs and eye detail when finished. This was soooo effective. This is Natasha's work and what is even more special is that she is only 10! Brilliant Tink, I love it.
And here she is, Tink and her mum Ruby (spot the bracelet - sorry). Is that a can of shaving foam on the table.........oh yes!
Outside in the sun when the day was done......all the art is on the pavement and .................
here it all is.........amazing day, thanks for coming ladies and I hope you had a good time. AJ3 is on June 26th by the way.
I am sat here watching Sarah prepare some pieces for tomorrow's workshop, Embossed Metal Book Cover and we are also adding a little extra something too............its amazing. There are places so if you are up at this time of night or early tomorrow and fancy coming over just add a comment and I will get back to you.
Also today I got Skype working on the shop computer and spoke to Sue for the first time since she left. It was fantastic to chat with her and see her too. She is happy and having a fun time finding out about foods, money, transport etc. She is still waiting for the shipping cases with all her stuff in to arrive so she has limited art stuff for now. She is also having trouble accessing blogger so I will be putting up some of her photo's for her a bit later on.
Anyhow, off to bed now, get some sleep for the big metal day tomorrow...........


Rachel Emilie Jackson said...

All those books look gorgeous in the sun, well done everyone!
(I especially love Natasha's bird.)

Helen said...

Looks like you had a great day!

Ruby said...

It was a great day! I didn't realise you were blogging my bracelet, how funny! Keep collecting, you will see how addictive it is, you wait!! See you tomorrow! :o)


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