Monday, 19 April 2010

Stranded Friends

Well, my very best mate is stuck in Spain!! Poor Sue and her travelling companion Zoe flew from Mexico to Madrid on Sunday but then had to queue for 6 hours to get a hotel room!! When I spoke to her this morning they were awaiting the tour company to find them a coach to the coast but it seems at this point all coaches, taxi's and mini buses have either been hired or are somewhere else in Europe having already taken stranded people to France etc. The Government have just announced they are sending Navy ships to Spain so maybe she will come home via Ark Royal.........I will keep you folks posted and have already sent her our best wishes.


Sue said...

I know I probably shouldn't say this - but it would be worth being stranded - just to come home on Ark Royal - what an adventure. That said which shouldn't have been keep your spirits up ....

Jan said...

Good luck Sue... hope you get picked up by a few sailors and get home safely and soon!


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