Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Rachel has just completed her run of cards using the TJDesigns Poultry Party and what a finish. In a time of emails and texts we tend to forget just how nice it is to receive a letter, especially on handmade notepaper like this. By adding a few small collage items alongside of the stamped images Rachel has turned plain paper into a work of art. Thank you Rachel for accepting the challenge.

A quick update on our Sue - she left Madrid yesterday by coach bound for Calais and the hope of a ferry crossing, so although she is on her way she missed out on the nice Navy guys.


Heavens2Betsy said...

These are exquisite. Who could not be delighted to receive one?

Jan said...

Shame that Sue is missing out on the sailors, but good news that she is on her way back!! Lovely stationery. I have this set because I fell in love with it.

Sarah Anderson said...

I just love how Rachel's love of letterwriting and stationery shines through in her use of stamps! A gorgeous card and envelope :)

Coach to Calais from Madrid? That sounds like a loooooooooooong journey! Poor Sue, but at least she's on her way

Julie Boeck said...

The hand made stationary is gorgeous!


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