Friday, 30 April 2010

Play Date at Mine

As promised some pictures of yesterdays Play Date at my place. Sarah is amazing, she created this wonderful fabric flower the night before and turned it into a postcard gift for the Play Date Cafe challenge. I just adored this idea and promptly stole it.......sorry Sarah but you so inspired me. I made some fabric flowers and then got out the postcards and beads. This first one is Sarah's.
and here is my version Take you can see, apart from the colours etc., its Sarah's idea through and through.and I had such fun making it. The background flowers on both of our postcards are some new stencils I have just had in, flowers, leaves, words and bugs and they will be online soon too. I got the stencil bug from Sarah too - goodness she is good. The colours here are Fired Brick and Bundled Sage Distress Inks, spritzed with water and dabbed to remove some of the colour before using the stencils with a blending tool. The stamped words are from a Wendy Vecchi set and the pearls are from a visit I made recently to a Bead Fair but that's another obsession altogether.......and yes I know there is an 'edge' on the words when I stamped them, I did make a comment at the time that is not printable here LOL
and here is my version Take Two. For the second postcard I used some sequin waste for the background, Distress Inks again in Bundled Sage and Stormy Sky (Sarah's combination above). Stamps are again Wendy Vecchi. The postcards are from American Tag and available online as a set of 8.
While I was busy making flowers, Hels was doing her 'thing' with tags, and what a thing she did too. Using the new Alterations Dies, Caged Bird and Heart Wings she Distressed, Inked, Rock Candy Crackled and Wendy Vecchi stamped her way to these two beauties. I was most impressed by the amount of base prep Hels does, she took alot of time and care over the backgrounds on these two tags, using Claudine Helmuths Traditional Tan paint (she is on her 15th pot of this, I think she likes it) as a resist for the Distress Inks. It's hard to see from the photo (Sarah's again because her phone camera is a trillion times better than my actual digital camera) that the bird cage is 3D. It's amazing in real life. 

And having made her wonderful fabric flower tag (that idea what I stole) did Sarah sit still? No, she rummaged about in the shop and came back with some Prima papers, red ric rac and after sticking some book papers to the cork (remember, The Works) cut some Fanciful Flight butterflies out and made these lovely cards.
 The butterfly Die cuts as pieces not one single piece. You can then use the pieces to make up the butterfly, or a dragonfly or a bee or a different form of butterfly in flight, very clever. The die cuts one set of solid wings and one set of open wings at the same time, making it easy to use them over printed papers, stamped papers etc. for amazing 3D images.
I love your tags Hels, and I love your cards Sarah, thanks for sharing your ideas and being so inspiring. I have not  forgotten Ruby who made an amazing card in about five seconds flat but we did not get a photo of it before she had to leave to fetch her daughter from school. Sorry Ruby, maybe next time we can be more organised.


Tracy Evans said...

You sound like you all had a great day Wendy, and the tags and cards look wonderful. I'm using these tattered flowers on everything that's the only problem and I love them with fabric. Have a great Saturday, Tracy x

Helen said...

I love these flowers, I have to get organised to be able to do them.

Kerry said...

These are all SOOO gorgeous. Really love your colours on the Take Two tag - so pretty together! As for the pearls - totally delish!! Kxxx

Barb Cady said...

Brilliant Wendy, I'm having a go with the flowers already. I now have stacks of tattered florals all over my craft room, it's addictive!

Sarah Anderson said...

how many times did you say my name there Wendy?!! yikes! Ideas are for sharing, and I'm so glad you loved the flower brooch on a postcard enough to make them too! (and it was wonderful being able to rummage in the shop and choose papers that were just right - i had a fabulous time )


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