Friday, 16 April 2010

Art, Gifts and Volcanic Dust

Look at this nice clean and tidy table, you should have seen it 6 hours later - in fact you could have if I had remembered to take a photo! sorry. Trust me it was not this tidy.......Kathy and Helga are ready for the off, just awaiting some other students to arrive.Playing with all sorts of inks and paint was the order of the day and here you can see some of the spray inked pages using stencils, and is that a Tattered Floral die cut I can see on there?
Ah, its Helga and Kathy again and Kay is looking on as Helga 'goes for it' with the Adirondack Spray Ink.....we did have a spray box for this as it can get a bit......well.......everywhere, but it was too much of a phaff so we just took the plunge and sprayed, amazingly enough it worked!
More spray and those Tattered Floral die cuts again, they were loved by one and all and we used them as stencils, masks and additions.
What do you think of the pavement work then lol, we had to put them all outside on the path to take this final shot as the tables were totally covered. Fabulous work ladies, thanks for coming.......
......but look what you did to Sarah and Sophe. Shattered they were, poor loves.
Earlier this week I had a visit from a lovely customer, Shelley, from Cumbria, she was on her hols down this way and called into the shop for a few bits and bobs and look what she brought for me.................its just lovely.
and look at the box it came in too, two gifts in one.
I am very touched you did that Shelley, it was a lovely thought and much appreciated, thank you.
Finally for today, if you have not nodded off by now lol, a sunset photo, but not just any old sunset, no this is a volcanic sunset. They were saying on the tv that the sunsets would be spectacular while the volcanic dust is about so my DH went out and took a few snaps. I love this photo through the trees.........don't we live in pretty wonderful world.
However, Sue is due back from Mexico on Sunday, just hope the flights are back in business by then.


Helen said...

Great pavement art indeed!
I love the sunset pic - I forgot to check outside tonight!

Sarah Anderson said...

fancy being able to spot tattered florals in those journal photos!!
Shelley's gift is just STuNNiNG!
And oh dear, hope flights are ok for Sue! Your sunset was gorgeous, we didn't spot a good one x

Lynn Stevens said...

Looks like it was a fantastic time! And what a lovely gift Shelly brought you! Also that sunset is breathtaking!


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