Thursday, 11 March 2010

Merchandiser extraordinaire

I mentioned a blog or two back that Kate got her hands on my walls!! Here are the promised photo's of her handiwork.......this first pic is of the Hero Arts cling stamps wall, with the now nicely arranged wood stamps under it..........Followed by the bottom half of the Tim/WendyV/Maya Road wall.........I can assure you it did not fit no way no how when I did it! Along comes Kate and you would be amazed at what's on there now...........
and this is the top half, see how nice those Wendy Vecchi stamps all look up there! What's that sneaked in the middle then................oh I see, that's where she put the Prima lol oh well last laugh is on her then, she has no idea how many more I ordered, she will be rearranging things again PDQ.
I am all packed, passport in hand and a list of recommendations for chocolate shops and restaurants............I have been told the only danger in going to Bruges is not fitting your clothes when you get back!!


Sarah Anderson said...

Just buy chocs for all your friends and don't eat any yourself, that way you'll fit in your clothes lol!!! Have a hot chocolate on me :) Had to click on the photos to enlarge them to see (you do like your piccies small!!!) but once I had it's great, you really get a sense of scale of the stamps that you don't get with image alone :)
Have a fab, fab time, I'm very envious of Kate being in charge of your shop ;)

Hels Sheridan said...

I have to agree with Sarah..chocs for friends is much better for your figure LOL Have the best time hun...loving seeing the inside of your shop...will see it for myself one day :O)) Hugs xx

Jennie said...

have fun :)

The Scrappy Tree said...

Looks lovely :) I could do with a few walls looking like that at my house!
Have a good one in Bruges!


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