Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow in the south...........

Pics as snowed again this afternoon but now its just clear and cold and sparkly, so pretty (I know, only if you can stay indoors).So, the secrets of my home, well outside anyhow. This is my back garden from the landing window, only time of the year my garden looks as good as the neighbours lol. There is a bird feeding station at the bottom on the left side and the roughed up area by the shed on the right is a wildlife pond/ice rink.
My car on the driveway. This side doesn't look so bad but the wind comes in from the left side and the car is totally swamped where you cannot see.

Finally my back garden from the kitchen window. The barrel on the right is a pond (now an ice bucket) and the patio heater looks a bit forlorn. The footprints are the cats. The snow comes up to their middles bless and they hop about and shake paws in disgust.
I wish I could show the snowman the boys made but I would be chucked off blogger if I did, use you imaginations, it was very artistic LOL.


CelticWoman said...

oh my, sure hope you have a warm fire going to keep your toes pink. Sandi

Hels said...

Oh you got one of those Chimnea jobbies, I want one of those too :O)) Your garden looks like mine hun..I thought it was mine at first ROFL *now, where's me specs gone*

Kerry said...

Crikey - would DHL you a spade, but I don't think he'd get there!! Lol! Save the pics tho - bit of arty B&W, spot of stickles - next years Crimble cards - done!! Kxx


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