Saturday, 9 January 2010

Made the summit........

got here.............and home again............and just about back again today..............however
the ice is really bad, as I drove up today the car thermometer said -5 and it was 10am so its only going to get worse. I slid up the road to the roundabout, the cars there were stuck, you have to get a good run at it or you don't make it, and the traffic lights are on an incline too.

My Hero Arts order is stuck at the Oxford depot, my Ranger order is stuck at UPS, its madness..........however we are fairly well stocked of other stuff although magazines are running low now, you seem to be spending your time reading in the warm.

Rachel Jackson braved the cold to go out and photograph her last DT piece using Delicate Branches..........thank you Rachel we appreciate it, it looks wonderful.
Rachel used the more leafy branch this time, stamped in a chalk ink and colour added with a small brush. I love the small grey piece added as an accent with the little bit of branch stamped onto it.
Thanks to Sarah for reminding me, I now have a spade in the car too.............
Keep warm everybody and keep your eye on the site for opening times during this cold snap, we are closing today at 2pm as its just sooooo cold here but we do have an instore Christmas Sale if you want to visit. Stamps are 20% off, papers are all half price and magazines at just £1.00. Sorry this is instore only but there is free post and packing till Sunday for onliners.............

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CelticWoman said...

My goodness you are a trooper, glad you are safe and warm, that card is just precious and perched in the snow makes it ever more precious. Sandi


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