Sunday, 3 January 2010

In with the new..............

Well I hinted at something new coming a little while back and here they are. Paper Relics are a collection of deeply etched red rubber stamps, individually cut and mounted on EZ. Each set is around 4 x 6" and they are IN STOCK NOW.
We will have some great artwork for you very soon, I am letting some of the DT loose on them.
Keep watching, I have more new ranges coming very soon.................oh and I almost forgot..........Happy New Year everybody.


Sarah Anderson said...

Happy New Year Wendy!!! Looking forward to browsing these stamps, off to the website :)

Julie said...

You will LOVE these stamps!!! Hope (the artist) is brilliant! I have many of her sets already, and each one is just marvellous! So glad you'll be carrying them!


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