Monday, 11 January 2010

back to normal ....

........ I hope it is back to normal anyhow. Today was mad, the snow overnight made the already icy surfaces even slippier (is that a word?) and all the schools were back so the traffic was crazy. My DH called to say don't even attempt it, it took him an hour to get from the village to the town where the shop is and its only I stayed home. However, tomorrow, no matter what we are back to normal. A large part of the Hero Arts order arrived at home today (the drivers know where I live and kindly bring it here if the shop is closed) and the Sale in the shop will be extended.

There are a few places left for Sue's workshop on Sunday next weekend, at this time its going ahead unless it snows bigtime in the week but there is no more forecast and infact its starting to thaw out here, drip drip drip can be heard everywhere.

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