Sunday, 1 November 2009

Now in store, Art Specially Magazines volumes 3 to 8. These chunky, just over 8x8 magazines are in Dutch!! Why would you want a magazine in Dutch? Well they are not just any old magazine you know. Each of these issues contains full colour illustrations of step by step projects of every description. The information you can gleen from the photos is such that its easy to understand what they are on about and many of the issues have templates to use too. Our very own Sue Roddis features in some of these and in fact has two pieces in the current issue, Issue 8.
Also in stock are the Art Specially books, lots of definitive books again full of colour photos and information but this time - in English!! The Stamping Technqiues one is just wonderful. Each book comes with a unique rubber stamp (un-mounted) unavailable anyplace else.

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Julie Ranae said...


I hope you and your followers will check out my blog for a most excellent feature on your very own Sue Roddis. I mentioned The Stamp Attic as well.

You can find it at


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