Monday, 7 September 2009

Now you see it............ you don't. Well I think I can honestly say that Wendy Vecchi's new book is winner of the 'two seconds in the shop' award. It arrived at approx 2pm this afternoon and was sold out by 5pm!!! Amazing. Everybody who pre ordered got their copy, everybody who was on the 'if you have got any left' list, got their copy, and anybody who ordered them overnight last night got their copies..........and did I get my copy...........nope, all sold out, not even one left for me. More are coming, already on their way so it won't be long if you are sat there thinking, drat I needed one of those..........pre order online now. Great news is that I got the price down a bit, they were £14.99 but I got it down to £12.95 and everybody who had one today paid the lower price. I had a quick flick, its very readable, great photo's of projects and step by steps and lots of tips and techniques especially for using grungeboard and grungepaper. Wendy Vecchi is a great fan of Perfect Pearls for sparkly backgrounds, especially mixing them with Distress Ink Reinkers and water in a Mini Mister. We just got the whole range of Perfect Pearls in stock in single tubs and they will be online very soon. We also had a restock order of Distress Ink Pads so if you get your book and feel a need for a pad or two to get 'making art' then you are okay, we have them all in stock.


kjjc said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooo can't wait.

Sarah Anderson said...

Wendy, please stop buying yummy 'essential' things in your shop, you have tooooooooo much 'I want, I want' stuff! I can see another order coming on. We'll just have to live on beans on toast ;)


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