Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Darkroom Door and shrinking walls.......

Some new stamps came in today, Darkroom Door. A sheet of red rubber images presented in a tin! 24 designs to choose from. They also have a range of complimentary embellishments to go with them and although we have them in stock now I have not had time this evening to get them all online, sorry. The stamps are up there though and I will try to get the rest done tomorow.

In celebration of the new stock coming in I decided to give the shop a bit of a move about.........those of you who have been to the shop will know there is not alot of spare space so this was going to be a bit of an event. Well, have you ever started something and part way into it decided it was a HUGE mistake? I wanted to move the wall of clear and un-mounted stamps from one space to another of the same size but it appears that the 8' x 4' piece of slat wall I moved them to was smaller than the 8' x 4' piece of slat wall I moved them from!!! I had a wall full of stamps, some left on the original wall and a whole pile of them on the desk and an amazing number of hooks to boot!! There began the Krypton Factor challenge and I had to get it done by closing time......well I sort of made it, needs a bit of a tidy up in the morning and I must admit some of the stamps had to go to the clearance box.....so if you are in in the next few days you could well pick up a bargain. It appears that I have quiet alot of stamps LOL.

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Jennie said...

LOl! Aren't you a stamp shop:) mmm it is when you change stuff, and then find it was better the first way, but guess that is too late now?rofl
Hugs xx


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