Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Look what I learnt to do today............ pretty borders!! I am loving this blog, why did it take me so long?? Thanks Sue K, I loved your blog so much I just HAD to have a background with a bit more attitude.
So whats new today then, well Craft Stamper arrived, not due out until Friday I know but it appeared at the shop today so we have it ahead of time which is nice. Its a fab issue, Sue Roddis somehow turns an apron into a book, Jo Capper-Sandon goes 3D and don't miss our Alcohol Ink giveaway, its two sets of the new colours. The price of the single inks in the magazine is incorrect however, they are not £3.60, they are £3.35 each. If you cannot wait the inks are here in the shop. Sorry its a bit late posting today, its just been too hot to think. I am now sat in the garden, birds singing and the wet smell of a newly watered flower bed, a coffee in my hand and my laptop on the table, the wonders of wireless networks eh..........and its cool at last. In case you have not guessed yet I don't do hot. Tomorrow we have a HUGE box of stuff coming in and hopefully some bargains which I will get online asap, and next week?............well next week another HUGE box from the US.......but I will save that one for next week...........


Laura said...

Great that you now have a blog.
I am new to blogging to and wondered how to get pretty borders for my blog? Can you direct me to where I can find out please?
my blog is:

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Great to see you are now enjoying blogging. Easy once you know how ay. Looking gooooood.
This CS issue is looking great isnt it.


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