Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dresses and Flowers

So, did I get a dress or not............well YES I got a dress, its very pretty and I love it but will it be THE dress...............only a bit more shopping will answer that one lol. I am a bit surprised to say the least, first shop and first one I try on but it could be an omen.........and if it is the dress, still got shoes, bag, hat (not too sure about a hat though) or one of them facinating things........not too sure about that one either. Meeting up with crafting friends tonight, meant to be crafting but she has hats so I think a small glass of vino and hat session is called for.............
Kerry came up trumps again with this card.............here she has used Basic Grey Porcelain papers, Hero Arts Printed Flower Stamps CL290 and also CL272 Occassion Messages. The Flower stamps are already collaged so look great just stamped in a dye ink or embossed. The sheet has a few different sizes on it too so layering is easy. You even get centres to use............the little messages are perfect for just adding a hint of a greeting rather than it being the centre of the card. Thanks Kerry :)
Sue came to stay over, she was worn out from demoing at The Craft Barn and nobody had asked what she wanted for her dinner! We found her something in the cupboard though. She gave me some lovely artwork which I will endeavour to scan and get on here as soon as I can to share. Also found another lady's blog today........Chris S, and I will show you her lovely artwork next time as its now 5pm and I am out the door.........have a great evening.


Sue said...

I saw Sue R. but was too shy to ask her what she wanted for dinner !!! But she is such a clever, clever lady. Am making houses now - lol. Just love the flowers on Kerry's card - and the papers and the whole thing. I bought the Porcelain papers on Saturday for my houses.
With you on the hat thing - not sure I would wear one - how about a flower ... Take care

Sue said...

Sue, you should have asked!! I might have wondered what the heck you were talking about but that's OK! Next time don't be shy :) Thanks for the kind words.

Chris said...

Glad to hear you got your dress, Wendy. One item crossed off the list. :-)

Love the flowers on Kerry's card. Something else for the 'wish' list...


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