Monday, 14 April 2014

Botancical Tea Party

Yesterday saw our first Graphic 45 workshop with the marvellous Clare Charvill, the only UK member of the 
Graphic 45 Design Team. 
We were so excited, kits were all packed up days ago, lots of G45 Botanical Tea papers, ready for the great 'you have to cut it up' day.
Early Sunday morning the tables looked like this, nicely set out, clean and tidy, some nibbles to help keep the blood sugar up too. 
First to arrive were these two...........
Lovely friends Caz and Miriam, they promised to be 
good which is a first!!!
Lovley tutor Clare, she is sooooo organised this lady.
Oh, Pauline too, this was right up her street being a G45 No1 fan.
and the they were off, tables were a wreck in minutes, I dare not show you the floor! Glue and paper everywhere LOL
 but oh what fun.
Cutting a straight line is essential so Miriam is 
concentrating hard here
Caz was soooo scared of cutting up the paper, I mean I understand that perfectly well, G45 is for stroking, isn't it? No? Oh you can cut it up.............just as well then.........
Oh yes, a lovely pile of cut up paper
Gloria's front cover............
after making the kraft card album the ladies then 
used the papers to decorate
I can't show you each and every page but I am sure Miriam won't mind me showing you a couple of her pages, this is the front cover
a double page spread
and the back cover..............just fantastic I can tell you.
and after a long day of cutting and sticking, here they all are, apart from Yvonne who was camera shy (unlike me it seems!)
Clare will be back in July and we have a few spaces so if you want to come and cut up Graphic 45 papers then you know what to do
thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mother's Day Explosion

  I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. I was a very lucky Mum and had flowers, DVD, chocs, more flowers, a lovely candle and am on a promise for a dinner!
So, I thought I would share with you, the Exploding Box I made for my Mum. I love Graphic 45, who doesn't?, so I delved into my Secret Garden stash and this is where I ended up!
I used two sheets of bazzill cardstock to create the basic box, one 12x12 and one 10.5 x 10.5.
In a normal box you would cut away the four corners to allow you to fold up the sides but, and I got this idea from Wendy2, instead of cutting them away, cut them diagonally across then fold each piece side to side across the middle piece, glue them sparingly along the bottom and voila, pockets!
Once I had stuck them all down I added diagonals of Secret Garden papers. I used the floral stamps papers to then add some definition. 
Just remember that this is a box, so move around the sides and decorate them to face you or you end up with upside down images (trust me). Once I had finished the main box decoration I made some small note cards to fit the pockets.
Using scraps of the left over papers and some more from the stamp sheet (there are lots of them on that sheet) its easy to make quite a few..............
however, can only get one in each of the pockets so I made a bundle of them, bound them using a length of card cut with a Martha Stewart Border Punch and they fitted perfectly in the centre of the box when I closed it up.
make a lid with a 6x6 sheet of card, I used more fussy cut scraps to decorate and a few Martha Stewart butterflies (well it is a Secret Garden).

job done!
Thanks for popping by!!

Friday, 28 March 2014

New gear..............

Hiya, hope you are enjoying the daffodils!
Just a quick one today, just to let you know we have new reading matter just arrived
Art Journaling for one, but also Somerset Life, Somerset Memories and also Stampers Sampler Spring issue
the new Mini Blending Tools arrived.........and the replacement foams too.
All online now for your enjoyment
back soon with some pics of my mini break to the Shropshire Hills
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The big relocation!

Warning - picture heavy blog coming.............
So, I promised I would show you all my craft room move. When your room looks like this!! you sure need to rethink your layout don't you? I needed one big sort out and some new storage but with one or two of the boys having left home, there were other options available! So, I decided on moving to a new room and kitting it out from the word go as a craft room and boy did I have fun.
So, all good refits start with some decoration, won't bore you with pictures of paint drying lol but the next job was Ikea - gotta love Ikea!
Filled the hallway with an assortment of Billy Bookcases, Alex draws and a table top and next you need a man with a screwdriver and some flat pack know how.......luckily I have me one of those...............

and the big build began!
and then some more Billy..............
Alex, how lovely are Alex? So lovely I had to have me.............two big ones and a smaller one
my excuse is Alex looks so much nicer than table legs don't you think? Ignore the mess please, it was a project in progress.............oh, check out the new Ikea bin!! love it!!
Filling Billy, didn't take long, this is just the start of it..............
A copic shelf...
Book and magazines...........I found magazines I have had since 1999!
Even found this, ashamed to say almost naughty
This used to be my 12x12 storage.............
stamp overflow from the shelves I orignally had.........mostly Christmas. I love wood stamps, even now.........
so, after lots of chucking out and flat pack.............I now have my 'happy space'
paper is out of the boxes..............
unit on the wall and ebosser station...........
corner of my table with essential washi tape basket
oh and some sneaky Ikea (had to be didn't it?) storage behind the door for my wool and copious other crafts that I dabble in!
So, if you wonder why there is not much blogging, its cos I am busy!!! LOL
Happy Stamping x

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

JOFY will be in the building

The lovely Mrs JOFY is coming to teach some workshops for us again this year, first one is end of July (ooohh sun and blue skies) but there are others and they are all online to book right now.
This is Jo's sample of the piece we did at the NEC Retailer Day, I will show and tell mine I promise!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

New PaperArtsy....

is in the building.................get yours HERE

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Graphic 45 Workshops

Whoo Hoo...........fantastic news!!!
The one and only UK member of the Graphic 45 Design Team, Clare Charville is coming to teach workshops at The Stamp Attic and I, for one, cannot wait.
I LOVE G45 and Clare's work is just cannot afford to miss this chance.
You can book HERE
and you can see Clare HERE
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