Thursday, 10 July 2014

News Media..............

Finally, after a long long wait I can now tell you that the DecoArt Media range of paints and mediums is starting to arrive.
Today we received stock of the Interference Acrylics and the Antiquing Creams.
Tomorrow should see a good selection of the Speciality Mediums arriving, it's going to be all go this end for a bit.
If you have not yet seen these paints and mediums go check them out.
You can find lots of information on the DecoArt website HERE
and lots of handy youtube videos HERE
For lots of project ideas, check out Andy Skinners FB HERE

Happy painting...............

Friday, 4 July 2014

JoFY in the Garden

Wow what some awesome weather we are having right now, spending lots of time outdoors making the patio look pretty with plants and furniture at the minute. So when Jo sent me this little sneak peek of the workshop at the end of July I booked myself on poste haste.
We are doing Bunting, for the garden!! Well you don't have to put it in the garden of course but how pretty would this look along your fence?
Using stencils, limited edition paints, inks and stamps we are going to create a three piece banner during the workshop but you can buy the extra banner pieces to do more at home.........we are selling them singularly.
I hope you can make it.............BOOK HERE

Friday, 27 June 2014

Fabric Journal Workshop

I am so very pleased to tell you that Lin Brown will be joining us here at The Stamp Attic to teach a Fabric Journal Workshop on October 19th this year.
The workshop will be online for booking at 9am on 
Saturday June 28th. HERE
I hope you can join us, we are so looking 
forward to welcoming Lin.
If, and I know it's hard to believe, you don't know of Lin, then you can see her work here on her Blog

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bad blogger calling...........

Such a bad blogger ..........however, I have been busy..............
and I have news!!
I am going to be a Nanny again, new baby due Christmas Day, how very exciting is that.

New magazines for the summer just arrived, Art Journaling, Somerset Life, Somerset Studio and Stampers Sampler are all now online and in store............Stampers Sampler is featuring some lovely Stampotique artwork from Corrie Herriman, really worth a look.

and we have just had a delivery of Gelli Plates, these have been unavailable for absolutely ages due to a distribution issue but they are now back and we also received the Round 8" one, great fun.

Got Washi Tape? Is it all over the desk and draws and you can never find one when you need it?
I now have the perfect answer. These screw closure rings are large, very large in fact, they take up to 15 roll of tape (depends on the width of the tapes) and once on there, just leave them. You can dispense from the ring, tote about to crops and workshops and keep track on them all.
The rings are just £2.99 each BUT if you like to store by style or you have more Washi than you are willing to admit to (who me?) then you can get a great deal set of FOUR rings for just £10.99.

I got started on mine but will definitely need more than one ring!
They don't come with tape by the way, that's mine LOL
You can use them to store all sorts of stuff too like ribbons. That flat side is a great little carry handle, just like a handbag :) (its a girl thing I am told).
Anyhow, sorry to have been AWOL for a bit but will try harder, promise.

Monday, 2 June 2014

New additions.............

Just flying to tell you I just added some new stuff the website...............two lovely Gelato Sets, Tropical and 50's Diner, Steampunk is imminent too
 a few new stencils from Studio 490, I especially love this one, called Little Bits
 oh and I have a photo now, thanks Clare, of the July Graphic 45 workshop, if you love paper engineering then this class is for you!! Booking now online
Back soon with details of the JOFY workshops too.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pages and pages and pages.............

Just in today, PAGES, the creative guide for Art Journaling and Bookmaking with a feature from our very own Rachelle Panagarry, go on, spoil yourself!!
Dare yourself to explore over 14 projects, stories of experimentation, and sparks of inspiration in this issue of PAGES magazine. 

Learn how to bind your books with a long-stitch variation with Krista Takacs, or master the historical Dos-agrave;-Dos binding with Indira Govindan. Discover how to make a miniature zine with Rachelle Panagarry and create an artful home for your art journal with Carol Sloan. Never fear a blank journal page with Jacqueline Newbold’s ideas for using black gesso or Andrea Shedletsky’s cut-away art journal techniques. Explore new techniques for your bookmaking and art journaling with these eye-catching mixed-media projects.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Botancical Tea Party

Yesterday saw our first Graphic 45 workshop with the marvellous Clare Charvill, the only UK member of the 
Graphic 45 Design Team. 
We were so excited, kits were all packed up days ago, lots of G45 Botanical Tea papers, ready for the great 'you have to cut it up' day.
Early Sunday morning the tables looked like this, nicely set out, clean and tidy, some nibbles to help keep the blood sugar up too. 
First to arrive were these two...........
Lovely friends Caz and Miriam, they promised to be 
good which is a first!!!
Lovley tutor Clare, she is sooooo organised this lady.
Oh, Pauline too, this was right up her street being a G45 No1 fan.
and the they were off, tables were a wreck in minutes, I dare not show you the floor! Glue and paper everywhere LOL
 but oh what fun.
Cutting a straight line is essential so Miriam is 
concentrating hard here
Caz was soooo scared of cutting up the paper, I mean I understand that perfectly well, G45 is for stroking, isn't it? No? Oh you can cut it up.............just as well then.........
Oh yes, a lovely pile of cut up paper
Gloria's front cover............
after making the kraft card album the ladies then 
used the papers to decorate
I can't show you each and every page but I am sure Miriam won't mind me showing you a couple of her pages, this is the front cover
a double page spread
and the back cover..............just fantastic I can tell you.
and after a long day of cutting and sticking, here they all are, apart from Yvonne who was camera shy (unlike me it seems!)
Clare will be back in July and we have a few spaces so if you want to come and cut up Graphic 45 papers then you know what to do
thanks for popping by!

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